Thursday, 29 December 2016

Spirituality of Richard Gere

Circle Network book review: The Spirituality of Richard Gere. Edited by Nicholas Nigro. Hardback price: £11.99 Kindle edition: £8.22 104 pages Published by Backbeat Spirituality Press. 

The actor Richard Gere is well known for starring in many Hollywood films. He is a devout Buddhist, a religion which espouses the values of kindness, generosity and compassion.  The Gere Foundation provides grants to support Tibetan people, and he is involved with Survival International and Healing the Divide, as well as other organizations.   

 Speaking on topics, such as happiness, commitment, acting, truth, family, character and reflection, this delightful book contains deep and thoughtful messages to help us grow as a person on a profound spiritual path. He does not seek to convert, but to help the reader grow and develop their own understanding. He does not seek to be a guru but to direct people to something greater. Rather than Western abundance, he speaks of simplicity and equality.

"Everyday anger comes up at some point. I go "Oh, God. It's still coming up." And I use the techniques that (we all) have ro transform that into wisdom, into compassion."

"There's not that much space left in my brain, so I don't want to put any more in there if it's not of value."

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