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Secrets of the Convent

Circle Network Book Review: The 11:11 Code: Secrets of the Convent
by Hilary H Carter Published by: O Books Price: Paperback: £9.99 Kindle: £6.58 Pages: 234 Author’s website:

British born Hilary Carter is a yoga teacher and an author who lives in the South West of England. This is her second book, ‘The 11:11 Code—Secrets of the Convent’. In this book she narrates an episode from her recent life experience which involves the phenomena of numerical synchronicity. This is a process by which particular sequences of numbers keep manifesting themselves inexplicably in different places and contexts in Hilary’s life, pointing to some sort of direction she should be taking. This phenomenon leads Hilary on a spiritual journey through the particular numbers 11:11.
These numbers lead Hilary to buy an old dilapidated convent in a remote but stunningly beautiful area of Spain which she hopes to convert into a Yoga Centre. However, the convent reveals itself to be a sinister place full of dangers caused by supernatural energies, bringing bad luck to many who encounter it. However Hilary continues to experience synchronicity in her life which seems to keep her on track with unfolding the mystery of the old convent. Her encounter with paranormal experiences in the convent leads her into an unfolding drama that opens up a story about sacred geometry, cosmology, mythology, synchronicity, eastern and western spirituality, reincarnation, past life memories, sacred art, extra-terrestrials, and linear history. She has interesting encounters with accurate psychics and makes new friends who come into her life through synchronicity to help her find answers. These friends also help her with her own physical health needs. Topical subjects are explored in this book, such as the origins of the Knights Templar, the role of the Catholic Church in history and the influence of secret societies on the world. Two prominent religious figures-Jesus and John the Baptist-and their relationship to the spiritual development of the western world are reflected upon in the book.
Hilary is able to skilfully bring together many disparate themes into a unified and cohesive story, which as a whole challenges the reader to consider some very discomforting ideas about the nature of the social structures of the world and about our social, psychological and spiritual development. She is able connect strands of numerology with history and cosmology suggesting that life is neither random nor meaningless, and that the world we live in is potentially heading towards a cosmic and purposeful evolution. The ideas in this book could potentially threaten to deconstruct many of our preconceptions about life, authority, education and the world, so be warned!
Overall, the style of the narrative, the writer’s capacity to carry the reader with her into a fascinating adventure, the rich descriptions of the beautiful rural Spanish mountains and their verdant splendour, the breath-taking scenery, the historical exploration, and the phenomenology of the story, make this book an unforgettable reading experience. 
Reviewer: Brendan Mooney: 

Excerpt from Hilary H Carter's book 'Number Woman': 
Anyway we’re getting side tracked. You said you were going to ring me.” 

“Oh yes. I wanted to tell you about this talk I went to last night. It was about the First World War. Of course I’m sure you know all about why the war started don’t you?”

I had to confess that I didn’t have a clue. I’d never really thought about it. All I knew was that the war had a link with 11/11 because the ending of the First World War was 11/11/1918. The peace treaty was signed at 11am. So that’s the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. I also knew that Harry Patch, Britain's last war veteran had recently died. At the age of 100 he had broken his decades-long silence on the First World War to describe it as 'legalised mass murder'. He died 11 years after breaking his silence at the age of 111.

The whole first world war thing started to kick off when this guy called Franz Ferdinand went to visit Sarajevo where he was murdered,” explained Kate.

Who’s he?” I asked.

He was the heir to the Austrian Empire. Austria thought that Serbia was responsible for his murder so the Austrians asked Germany for help in defeating Serbia along with its ally Russia. Then Germany attacked France and it all started to get out of hand with Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Russia, and England all getting involved. But that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you the incredible story of Franz’s car number plate.”

Car number plate...” I repeated in astonishment as I was enveloped in a tingling sensation.  

Yes, the car in which he was driven to his death. It wasn’t an official car. It was some car that had been loaned to him for his day in Sarajevo by an officer of the Austrian army transport corps. Well, this guy that was giving the talk put up a picture of the car on the screen and I gasped. I saw it straight away.”

Saw what?”
The number plate. The lecturer told us to look at the number plate of the car. It was A111118. He told us that the war ended on 11/11/18 so that the number plate was almost like a prediction. Get it?  11/11/18. And he said that the letter A stood for Armistice.”
Is this a true story?” I asked, hardly able to believe what I was hearing.
Yes, sure, it’s absolutely true. You can go and see the car. It’s still in a museum somewhere. In fact it had been sitting in the museum for years and nobody had noticed this massive coincidence until a British visitor pointed it out to the museum attendant relatively recently.”
I knew that this incredible story was being told to me so that I would take particular note of the number plate on the car outside the house. That was the ultimate sign. My sign had been given and I was being asked to take the leap of faith. ‘A’ is the first letter of the alphabet and I had already made the connection between the initials AA and the number 11. To me that number plate could be interpreted as 11 11 111. I know I had asked for signs around the number 33 but the 11:11 is the sign of ‘Divine Alignment’. I couldn’t begin to imagine how the universe had managed to place a car with such a number plate right outside the rental property. This was pretty high in the top 10 miracles of the year for me.
Now I know why I had to ring you,” I said. “I’m really clear on the way forward now. I’m going to take the house. Thank you so much Kate.”
I pressed the ‘end call’ button and saw that the time was 13:13. It had taken a few days to quash the interference from my human self but in that moment I surrendered to the sign and accepted the contract on the house. Deep down I knew I would. I don’t know why my mind still thinks it has a say in matters like this! As soon as I had committed to renting the cottage, it was like a torrent of energy being released. I was flooded with the feeling that I had done the right thing. People say that they feel things in their bones but I felt this in every atom of my being. After all the mental torment over the decision I had finally managed to take the required leap of faith. It would be some weeks later before I realised that I done so on the 330th day of the year.

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