Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mycoocoon Colour Immersion Therapy

Mycoocoon is an amazing opportunity for a combined experience of aromatherapy, music, and colour immersion therapy. 

The colour therapy is conducted in one of two ways, either lying down on a comfortable sofa under a specially designed light canopy (which costs £16,000 if you would like to buy one) or there is a specially designed wall unit which dispenses high density and high quality coloured light. Colour therapy has been well researched and scientifically documented and has a highly beneficial effect on the mind; aiding relaxation, reducing stress and improving energy levels. The colour also has effects on the chakras, so meditation whilst in the immersion enhances chakra healing.

My own experience was exciting and profound. I was asked to choose a sequence of different colours from a downloadable chart which is available from the app store (see below). I was asked to choose between several scents; each one evocative of a past life experience and these were added to my colour preferences and music was chosen to compliment these. I laid down on the soft sofa within the coocoon canopy and ear phones were placed on my head to deliver the music. I held in my hand a sample of the scent I had chosen and the colours of the canopy began to change, moving through rainbow colours of great purity and beauty. Soon I was transported, as if into another world. I saw a Japanese garden, full of different coloured azaleas, all of which had a slightly different scent, but their colour was vibrant and reaching out to me with their petals. Then I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She was Japanese, with dark eyes and shiny black hair, but within the shiny blackness, all the colours were reflected. She wore a beautiful silk gown which also reflected an array of amazing colours. She spoke to me and told me that this special feeling was available to me at all times. I only need to conjure it! I think I drifted off into this heaven and did not want to wake up when the time had elapsed. It was rejuvenating! Colour has a beneficial effect on mood and the added music and scent enhanced the overall experience. 

There is all kinds of merchandising for colour enthusiasts and the equipment is being promoted to high end hotels, spas and health centres. During the month of November, there is a special introductory offer of 30 minutes for £45 in Central London or a free session for magazine reviews. T: 07931 508341  and ask for Julie at

Review by Wendy Stokes

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