Friday, 2 June 2017

The Power Deck by Lynn V Andrews

The Power Deck - The Cards of Wisdom by Lynn V Andrews with artwork by Rob Schouten. Book and 45 cards in pack published by Jeremy P Tarcher. For personal self development rather than reading for others because 'to heal our planet we must first heal ourselves'. You are instructed to pick a card each morning for beauty, health, strength and wisdom. The booklet provides information on how to use the cards. There is also a 'sacred wheel' 6 card spread offered. Cards divide into directions and colours to represent the required energy. There is an exercise to work with fear and instructions on keeping a journal with 7 questions for guidance. A daily prayer for empowerment is provided.

From the introduction: If you could perform one act of power that would most change your life, what would it be? 
The artwork which highlights Mother Earth and Father Sky are by Washington artist (originally from the Netherlands), Rob Schouten who specialises in symbolism and surrealism. 
Lynn V Andrews lives in the Isle of Man and is originally from Liverpool. 
The US tradition of the medicine wheel, as used by native Americans, is different from that traditionally used in the UK but the division of cards into directions of NESW and colours, red, black, white and yellow help to explain how balance is achieved.
The cards have a full colour image on one side and a message taken from the book on the other side. The book provides the same message plus a definition of the card. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

I have chosen for readers card number 27 titled Strength and the painting titled 'Unfold in Light shows a buddha sitting in meditation deep within a dense forest. He is healing his pain with solitude. A red lotus flower is in the background. Inner strength is found through deep inner search, especially in times of transition. In the shaman tradition, we move into our pain to find the possibilities for learning and growth. The person who upsets you most is one of your best teachers. The magician remembers the trail but takes a different path, even if it is more difficult.

And card number 20 is a painting titled 'sunrises in Eternal Places which symbolises sitting in a sanctuary of truth and harmony. Surrounding youare snowy mountains of higher consciousness. You are balanced between heavenly and earthly consciousness. It is titled Harmony. This quality lives in thevlodge of balance and involves equilibrium between physical and spiritual aspects. For there to be harmony, there must be balance. Imagine yourself as the hub of a sacred wheel, standing in the centre. Tjis wheel must function every day. If you imagine that the South is your physical self, the West, your emotional self, the North your spiritual self, the East your mental self, and you stand in an ancient wheel of truth. Are they in balance? Are they in harmony? Reflect on whether one outweighs others. Adjust your life to be aware of your patterns. They should incorporate equal energy. 

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