Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Past Lives Oracle Cards Review

Circle Network Card Review: Past Life Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Brian L Weiss, a 44 card deck and guidebook Published by Hay House £13.99

Top quality card stock, in common with all Hay House card decks; good strong lift off top box with well laminated cards with gold leaf edges. The cards have images of archetypal photographs in soft sepia tones, with titles such as Trust and Faith (a stone angel in shadow with the sun behind the wing), Biblical (Man with cotton head-dress with cotton smock using a wooden mallet and metal tool to make a rough hewn table) Celtic (a stone celtic cross with a stone arch in the background and Egypt (a pyramid). Information in the booklet about how the cards aid recall and to help to heal key memories or negative patterns and to confirm what is suspected or what might have occurred, and allow work to proceed on unfinished business. When compassion is felt for others, this lets you know that your soul journey is progressing. The method is based on magnetic resonance so that any question will attract the most accurate card for the time of the reading. Information on how to choose a card, ask a question, prepare for a reading, etc., is provided and a one or three card layout can reveal all that is required. Numerology, colouring, letters and number vibrations are involved and can be part of a suggested meditation on the cards.

Card sample 'Forgiveness': You must be willing to release old stored anger. You might not even know you have it. It can show up in addictions, moodiness or insomnia. Forgiveness is about self empowerment, about letting go. It removes negativity and toxicity within the physical and mental systems. Like a dark cloud floating across the sky, if it stays there too long, it becomes threatening and unhealthy. Help that dark cloud to move on by saying you forgive anyone who has ever hurt you. The sun will shine and you will feel so much better.

The Wisdom card indicates wisdom and knowledge from prior lifetimes. You have learned important lessons in the past that will serve you and others. It is time to return to school, or seek additional education which might lead to a change in career and a better quality of life or more meaningful work. Believe in yourself! You have lived many lives before, have dealt with many difficulties, and can do it again in this life too! 

Trees: in many cultures, trees are considered to be sacred. The Druids looked to the oak tree for prophetic wisdom, and ancient healers used ingredients from trees such as willow for medicine. Spend more time connecting to trees, for healing, knowledge and inner peace. 

J drew 3 cards, the first 'What lessons are being worked on from a previous life?' for the first card, What is needed to be worked on immediately' for the second and the third card 'What is the immediate future or future life?: Baby, Ships and Biblical were drawn. J suggested the first card related to her life as a parent in a previous life where a girl child died at a young age and this is why she has no children yet grieves about this. She spoke about a longing to travel and love of the ocean and recalls a bad sea crossing many years ago. However, she remembers the sea birds and the stars at night with the moon reflected on the sea and thinks she could have been a sailor in a previous life and thinks of the port of Cardiff as one she would like to visit incase she can recall further memories. She connected the bad sea crossing to her current life experience, one of chaos and confusion, it has been a rocky time for her. She has always had a love of the Bible and could have had a life in ancient Israel and would like to visit the Holy Land especially Qumran. 

Dr Brian L Weiss is a leading specialist in past life regression therapy and has been involved with the production of this deck. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale School of Medicine and his other card deck is titled 'Healing The Mind and Spirit Cards'. He is the author of several books including the best-selling 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. Doreen Virtue, Doctor of Psychology has created more than a dozen oracle decks, published by Hay House and offers workshops internationally on angels. 
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

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