Friday, 19 January 2018

Soul Coaching Oracle Cards

From Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lynn published by Hay House. We have 52 cards in the box with a guidebook with a page of text per card and a black and white scan. Excellent card stock as always from Hay House. Sample card readings: The card (right) of Compassion with an affirmation: 'The vibration of compassion shines through my every cell". You are a deeply compassionate being. Allow the light of your goodwill to shine to the world. Accept the care that the Creator has for you. You are loved and immensely lovable. Start with yourself, gently and lovingly accept yourself as you are. You dont need to be perfect. Release your judgements and negative beliefs and you will have greater undersranding for others. Release guilt and shame because they no longer serve you. Forgive yourself and others. All the vibration of compassion shine through every cell in your body. 

Next, we have the card of Truth (left) and we see someone looking in the mirror. With this card we use the affirmation: 'I live my truth'! Be honest with yourself and speak from your heart.  "Walk your talk". Follow inner guidance in your activities. You are the truth. Listen sincerity and honesty in others. The hardest thing about living in truth is to know what the truth is. Sometimes, it helps to be in silence and stillness to assess what is right and wrong and what is truthful from lies. Now is the time to let go of anything that is not authentic in your life. Miracles follow when you become genuine. Visit: Wendy Stokes

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