Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Power of Premonitions

Circle Network Book Review: The Power of Premonitions - How Knowing the Future Can Shape our Lives By Larry Dossey MD Paperback £9.99  Published by Hay House Author's Website:
This is a well researched subject by this remarkable Texan holistic physician who is the leading exponent on the power of prayer to heal. His ground-breaking book, Healing Words, in 1993 was the New York Times bestseller. It swayed sceptics and now more than 80 medical schools in the US run courses on religious practise and the importance of spirituality in health. Originally trained as a pharmacist, he took a medical degree and worked as a physician in Vietnam where he was decorated for valour.  
With his training rooted in the mainstream of science, he nevertheless paid attention to his hunches and soon his colleagues were confiding in him that they also had extraordinary paranormal moments that defied the logic of their scientific background. This set Dr Dossey upon the path of researching and collecting case studies of the paranormal and its power to influence our lives. In this detailed and highly readable text book he examines the faculty of foresight. He believes we are all capable of accessing this awareness and details methods of how we can improve our prediction abilities. With nine books on this topic to his credit, if you are interested in this subject, you won't find a more thorough book.
Also by this author, 'The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things', 'Healing Beyond the Body', 'Reinventing Medicine', 'Be Careful What You Pray For', 'Prayer is Good Medicine', 'Meaning and Medicine', 'Recovering the Soul' and 'Space, Time and Medicine'. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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