Sunday, 15 July 2018

Working With Chi Book Review

Circle Network Book Review: Working with Chi - Practical Ways to Harness Energy by Madonna Gauding, published by Octopus Books, £12.99

There are many words for 'chi', for instance, ki, prana, ka, pneuma, and this full colour book explains how to work with this subtle energy that all life forms possess, and which aids our vitality, health and wellbeing. The topics covered in the book are Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises, the benefits of diet, special teas and foods, acupuncture, massage, stretches, posture, breathing, meditation, the elements, the meridians, the organs of the body, Taoism and Buddhism, philosophy, relaxation and related subjects. Though all subjects are lightly touched on, and perhaps suitable for a beginner in the healing arts, a more experienced practitioner could be reminded of many of the aspects of chi which aid our energy levels. Reflexology is not mentioned but I think many reflexologist might appreciate this book along with other mind body and spirit specialists. Review by Wendy Stokes

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