Saturday, 4 August 2018

From Grief to Goddess

Circle Network Review: From Grief to Goddess by Jude Garrecht, published by Animal Dreaming Publishing, pack of cards contains 21 affirmation cards, Separate paperback with 103 pages. Author website:

The cards can be purchased alone, but are best used alongside their companion book. These are pocket size cards, with instructions for use. Each card carries a few simple affirmations with the image of 'the sacred vortex', (shown right) designed by the artist, Angie Alexandrou, which is intended to draw the seeker into a meditation to meet their inner Goddess for a healing of their womb and of the womb of all creation.

Sample card:

Card Number 1: Embrace the healing power of the full moon/ heal old wounds/ dance your way to wholeness/ embrace your light/ accept your shadow.

The book, From Grief to Goddess - Healing the Wounded Woman, describes, over a number of months, the autobiographical experiences that follow the ending of the author's love relationship. The author is a professional in the fields of hypnotherapy, colour and clairvoyance. It's a light read, with short meditations, and affirmations which are repeated from the cards. 

Review: Wendy Stokes

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