Friday, 17 March 2017

Liquid Crystals

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Liquid Crystal Oracle - Return fo the Atlantian Way for Children of Light, by Justin Moikeha Asar (who grew up on the Pacific island of Vanuatu), deck published by Blue Angel, £24.99 77 cards provide an adventure, a doorway to another world of crystal spirits who created the mineral kingdom. 292 pages of a book system to follow. Within the centre of the card, a symbol. The cards also carry a crystal title plus a subtitle. The cards specialise in a form of Atlantean energy with a message from Atlantis, how the crystals are used, affirmations, keywords, chemical composition, colour rays, animal totems, essential oil, where to place the stone on the body for maximum effect, crystal trinities, beings related to the cards, crystals that relate to the Kabbalah. Brightly coloured cards. Find your commitment for this deck as it is a complex and will take some dedication. Especially of interest to lightworkers who like the Atlantean channelled messages.
The card of Amber carries the angel, Merbayel, and the anchor of laughter. Amber is fossilised pine tree resin and it often contains plant or insect material buried within its luminosity. If you feel trapped in life, the sunlight reflected within the amber will lift your spirits and will show you new paths, and give you the strength of endurance to remove yourself from any sticky situation. Amber is a link to the Egyptian God, Bes and also the Lord Buddha, both in their roles as laughing deities. Use the affirmation: I laugh; it is the voice of my true spirit! 

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