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Living Shamanism

Circle Network Book Review: Living Shamanism - Unveiling the Mystery by Julie Dollman Published by Moon Books - Paperback Price £8.27 Kindle Price £6.11 177 pages Author website:

The author, Julie Dollman, trained in the core shamanic practices of the Q'ero Indians of the Peruvian Andes, and is a graduate of the Four Winds Society. She introduces the reader to her personal understanding of shamanism and specific practices are described by the Four Winds Society and of Peruvian shamanism. We are offered practical methods to uncover our 'core wounds', to help us to let go of our past hurts and find the 'right relationship' with others, ourselves and our environment.

Julie worked as a Criminal Analyst before becoming a shamanic practitioner. Her life is now devoted to living in harmony with this practice and to her work as a healer. This change exemplifies the surge we see in the call of shamanic practices to the west. As these traditions are dying in many Indigenous communities, Western practitioners are keen to learn these traditions and revive ancient teachings.

The book applies a 'modern perspective' and contains exercises and useful information about filling the void in modern life which is often filled with unhealthy addictions. How to find balance and harmony is a major factor in our recovery from a feeling of emptiness. Julie provides exercises on how to conduct simple rituals in nature and at home.

The use of ceremonial ritual is explained to heal illness common within our modern society. Julie explains the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, sharing her own intimate experiences of the earth's seasons and rotation. She has included case studies that show how shamanic healing can profoundly relieve harmful ancestral patterns and heal the energy field.

There is generous testimony about how the shamanic path has assisted the author and her husband, who is also a shamanic healer. This insight provides inspiration to others in the West to seek this path towards deep self-healing. A premise is maintained that the shamanic healer is one who has healed their own wounds, and through this learning is initiated into life as a healer. Through the 'web of life', as we heal ourselves, we heal each other. Regardless of whether one works as a 'healer', the process reconnects us to ourselves and to our planet. 

A good explanation of reconnection to the web of life is given here. Julie debunks common terminology, such as 'the one who walks between the worlds' and explains to the reader that shamanism is neither a pagan cult nor a religion - but a way of expressing deep, ancestral roots. This book offers a valuable introduction to Peruvian Shamanism as practiced by the Anthropoligist, Alberto Villoldo, PhD, Clinical Professor and energy researcher and specialist of San Francisco State University under whose auspices Julie studied. She teaches 'Light Body School' shamanism and her individual work with clients in rural Ireland includes aspects of shamanism, such as the Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extractions, Land and Home Clearing of Ancestral Curses and Generational Problems, Ancestral Healing, The Great Death Rites, the Despacho Ceremony, the Munay Ki and Fertility Healing. She showcases and imports indigenous 'Fair-Trade' handcrafts to honour and express gratitude for the healing teachings she has received which have changed her life and can change the life of others.  Reviewer: Aneya Awen, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master (London)

Dr Alberto Villodo

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