Wednesday 13 January 2021

C Yoga - Catherine Foroughi Interview

Wendy: Hello Catherine, I would like to introduce you to Circle Network readers. Please tell us something about yourself.

Catherine: I am the Founder of CYoga and I am the ‘Principle of the University of CYoga’. I have created a ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with Yoga. CYoga is this Moment ‘in its Glory, its Unity and its Experience’. We have an Understanding That (all) Creation is Here. This is where my inhale is - This is where my exhale is - This is where my Presence is. This is where yoga/CYoga is!It is my Destiny from my ‘First Recollections’ is a ‘Place of Great Space’ and an ‘All Encompassing Vision’. This ‘Vision Creates Beauty, Love and Absolute Joy’. I ‘Delight in the Ability’ of Form. Words and Expressions have sprung from space, without limits. CYoga is an honest, direct and loving ‘Way of Rejoice’, a ‘Delight of Presence’ (and a Presence that allows all to spring from My Form with a result that can be seen as very funny and pure ‘Joy, Bliss, Love’.” CYoga is now one of the leading - and most exciting - yoga schools. It is ‘the University’ of CYoga.

Wendy: What is your speciality and what qualifications do you have?
Catherine: My speciality is the ha’ndstand and/or kicking ass in CYoga martial/capoeira art'/dance - with a smile! CYoga offers a variety of styles and demonstrates the essence of Yoga which is ‘Beyond Style’. CYoga can involve Yoga asanas, breath-work (known as pranayama) and meditation. CYoga also develops an amazing core strength and subtleness by using applied body work, Structural Integration, T'ai Chi Ch’uan, martial artistry - and both voice and dance. It allows one to be all abilities. This is it!

I am qualified as a Yoga Therapist and I am a qualified lawyer too! I use many bodywork styles - and most importantly - as the Creator of CYoga - I feel naturally self-guided in one-to-one sessions, group sessions, master classes, presentations, CYoga holidays, and in writing, filming and photography, and in the ‘Way That Is Beyond’ categorisations, such as Pilates, breath-work and Fascial Release Work…leading to an ‘All Encompassing Experience’ and ‘Vision Actualized’.
Wendy: How do students benefit? Catherine: By experiencing: ‘Freedom, Love, Joy and Bliss’, ‘Exceptional and Holistic Strength and Flexibility’. CYoga allows ‘Natural Understanding’ to be ‘Transmitted from the ‘Teacher’ Session Host/Guide’, so that relaxation can ‘Manifest in all its Glory’.

Wendy: Where is your University based? Catherine: Chelsea, London, UK and ‘Wherever the Heart Beat Originates’.

Wendy: What does Enlightenment With CYoga involve? Catherine:

Smile :)  Inhale now
Exhale now and feel the/this relaxation. Luminate in this relaxation. Luxuriate in this relaxation.
You are (in) perfect meditation.
How simple is this? How simple is this moment, right here, right now?
What part of your body is in contact with ground?
Melt your contact. Feel your merging.

Feel the space of your connection. Feel your space expanding, softening.
The ground can be the floor, the chair, the sea, the C...what is this?
This is meditation. This is guided meditation.
Meditation is this.
You are meditation.
Meditation is very simple.
Are you very simple.
You are this moment in aII your Glory.
You are this moment, in aII your Presence:
‘This Is It II- Enlightenment with CYoga by Catherine Foroughi, published by O-Books. Paperback: £12.99 and the eBook: £6.99 (252 pages) ISBN: 978-1846948336  Visit website:

This is It CYoga Book Review  Paperback: 252 pages £12.99 Publisher: OBooks Paperback 252 pages eBook £6.99
"Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind". Patanjali - Yoga Sutras
Yoga enables your mental chatter to stop, and your mind to clear. This is it – Cyoga by Catherine Foroghi echo this intention, as a guide for your journey. From this book you will discover that the body – mind awareness, when harnessed can bring the mental clarity from your practise mat, out into your world.
This isYoga! The first thing that came to mind when I found Catherine’s work was her innovative and extremely creative expression, which is demonstrated in a simple and clear way. She has done what Lady Gaga did for music with her creative artistic streak, she moves beyond boundaries - Catherine is creating, from her own understanding, what it is to be truly free through the adventure and exploration of her own body. She is way ahead in the game in the sense that her approach is playful and fun, a moment to moment movement - not serious or in a set sequence. I love the barriers her work has broken through and it has helped me see my own cage and the need to venture out into the realms of 'no mind' and being in the exploration of this game with my body. Permission is granted to go ahead and enjoy it all. All that is... this is it! CYoga. Reviewer: Andrea Tteja

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